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Patricia HerzPatricia studied fine arts in France (Beaux Arts University) and participated in multiple art expositions in France, England, Colombia, and the United States. Patricia Herz has blended beauty with technology by applying artistic concepts using high end design software. Certified in Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, HTML and pursuing certification in Adobe InDesign. Her work is focused towards discovering the inner light, the soul and the beauty of every being, object and moment depicted.

One of my greatest pleasures is the ability to translate my passion into the source of my work. I wish this pleasure for everyone. The process of creation bonds with the design, and both merge to become the method in which I develop my ideas. The unity of Creation-Design is the tool I use to explore not only the world that surrounds me, but my interior world as well.

What do I love about my daily relationship with creation?

I love the attention to detail, which lightly displaces my sight to enable me to see beyond. This translates into the practice of drawing designs effortlessly almost as if it were second nature for me. I am always pleasantly surprised when creation surges forward. However, I prefer dealing with a subject that is either humorous or that I find personally interesting. Another aspect of design that I enjoy is the pleasure of dissecting other artists’ creations, analyzing their work and their thought processes, and figuring out how they arrived at the final creation.

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